Disability Hub Career Services

20 Jan, 2018

Support for job seekers and career-changers interested in working in the Disability sector.

The Disability Workforce Hub delivers career services that specifically promote disability sector training and employment opportunities. Eligible jobseekers and people interested in changing careers into the sector will be assisted to develop individual career plans and be helped to fill identified vacancies within the sector.

career development

Career Partners Plus also delivers free career services to eligible job seekers seeking work in all other industries and who would like some assistance to:

  • explore career options
  • develop a career plan
  • identify skills and experiences and match these to industry needs
  • prepare or update your resume
  • write application letters
  • prepare for interview or practice interviews

Contact Career Partners Plus to make an appointment on P: (08) 7231 50667, or email info@careerpartnersplus.org.au.